PAM QA Cropping Overview

PAM QA Livestock Overview

PAM Mapping Overview

PAM Ausvit/UltraVit Overview

PAM Help Videos

Customise Your PAM Program

Customise PAM - The first step to setting up

Customise PAM - Settings Tab 1

Customise PAM - Settings Tab 2

Customise PAM - Cropping Tab

Customise PAM - Livestock Tab

Customise PAM - Individual Animals Tab

Customise PAM - Pasture Monitoring Tab

Customise PAM - User Settings Tab

Customise PAM - Inventory Settings Tab

Configuration of PAM

Configure your Farms and Paddocks lists

Configure your Crop Types and Associated Lists and Settings

Configure your Chemicals lists

Import InfoPest CSV into the PAM Chemical Database

Import InfoPest CSV into the PAM Chemical Database (Members Only - Login)

Configure your Fertilisers lists

Configure your Sundry Consumables lists

Configure your Veterinary Treatments lists

Configure your Supplementary Feeding lists

Configure your Irrigation Water Sources lists

Configure your Lab Tests setup

Configure your Storage Locations and Harvest Produce Destinations

Configure your Vendors Customers Staff and Contractors

Configure your Weeds and Pasture Species lists

Configure your Machinery and Operations lists

Configure your Manual Tasks lists

Configure your Livestock Categories and Mobs

Configure your Livestock Produce Items and Breed lists

Configure your Livestock Services

Configure your Livestock Reproductive Season names

Configure your Units of Measure and Package Sizes

Merging Configuration List Items

Entering Data - Overviews

The PAM Paddock and Livestock Add Wizard Overview

The Paddock Activities Diary Overview

The Paddock Season Summary Overview

The Paddock Budget Screen Overview

The Livestock Diary Overview

Entering Data - Paddocks and Crops

The Crop Seeding-Planting Screen

The Chemical Application Screen

The Fertiliser Application Screen

Applying Liquid Fertilisers

Applying Liquid Fertilisers (Members Only - Login)

The Crop Monitoring Screen

The Harvest Delivery Screen

The Disease and Pest Monitoring Screen

The Fodder Production Screen

The Hay Production Screen

The Irrigation by Water Source, Emitter or Valve Screens

The Machinery Operations Screen

The Manual Tasks Screen

The Timesheet Quick Add (UltraCrop & AusVit)

The Weed Counts Screen

The Sundries Consumed Screen

Entering Data - Livestock

The Livestock Agistment Screen

The Livestock Alter Mob Attributes Screen

The Livestock Births Screen

The Livestock Mob Movements Screen

The Mapping Livestock Mob Movements

The Livestock Matings

The Livestock Pregnancy Testing Screen

The Livestock Purchases Screen

The Livestock Sales Screen

The Livestock Shearing and Crutching Screen

The Livestock Mobs Split and Join Screen

The Livestock Transfers In Screen

The Livestock Transfers Out Screen

The Livestock Supplementary Feeding Screen

The Livestock Veterinary Treatments and Manual Tasks Screen



Mapping Screen Overview

Mapping Layer Manager

Mapping Views Management

Mapping Importing an Image or Aerial Photo

Mapping Drawing Tools - Part 1

Mapping Drawing Tools - Part 2

Mapping Data Links

Mapping Printing Maps

Mapping File Tools Menu

Mapping Map Reports

Mapping - Create Grid Points or Run Lines



Export ESSRI SHP Files to local PC


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